Communication and Collaboration

The Communication and Collaboration Group is broadly concerned with understanding the role of technologies, knowledge and collaborative processes, both within and between organisations and broader social networks. The principal aim of the Group is to promote the critical study of communication, coordination and collaboration practices that are seen as central to the relationship between technology and organisational and societal changes.  The innovative research of the Group can be identified with its strong social science foundation, and is positioned at the intersection between management information systems, science and technology studies, organisation studies and workplace studies.

Our approach is guided by the understanding that communication, coordination and collaboration are complex and dynamic sociomaterial practices that construct and enact the social and organisational realities. Moreover, this approach advocates an enlarged perspective that appreciates the affective and material dimensions of organisational and social life, and seeks to examine the practices through which they are being performed.


As such our research work is predominantly conducted through in-depth, ethnographic studies, and sensitized by ‘lenses’ such as Philosophy, Sociology, Information Systems and Organisational Theory. Central to our research commitment is to offer actionable contributions to both management and policymaking.