Competence Center Smarter Work

New technologies are increasingly used in dynamic organizations and change how work is organized and performed, for example, in virtual or distributed teams with flexible working hours and work locations. “Smarter Work” describes an approach of designing these new ways of working, supported by communication and collaboration systems, with a strong emphasis on the well-being and productivity of all actors involved. We help exploiting the potentials of new working modes by means of a conscious and coordinated use of technologies and aligning digital as well as analogous work.

The competence center supports organizations with the introduction, use and management of new communication and collaboration systems. We build on years of experience with transformation processes towards “Smarter Work”. We integrate individual and organizational perspectives in our research projects, inquiring about employees who use new technologies in their everyday work. Our research is characterized by the pursuit of long-term improvements. To this end, we seek a focused understanding of underlying organizational problems before pointing out customized options for action. Our recommendations are based on established scientific approaches. We combine a broad repertoire of methods (e.g., surveys, interviews, physiological measurements, digital forensics) with traditional and innovative theories, which allow us to understand and answer complex questions about the organization of work. This is made possible by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from business, computer science, psychology, sociology, as well as practitioners from the IT industry.