Competence Center

Rapidly emerging technologies in combination with new modes of working and dynamic organisational structures are changing the way how work is organized and conducted in organizations. However, organizations are struggling with the introduction and management of new technologies to improve the communication and collaboration among employees.

The Competence Center Smarter Work has profound, multi-year experience in the area of communication and collaboration management and supported a wide range of partners from different industries in their introduction of new technologies and organizational transformation. The CCSW is part of the European Research Center for Information Systems.

We aim to understand the dynamics of transformation in a historical, societal, regulatory, and economic context. Our work is theoretically and empirically grounded, we employ multiple methods and research approaches with an emphasis on qualitative, interpretative approaches. 

It is our research philosophy that the implications of integrating innovative ICT into existing practices and communities need to be studied in situ. We therefore advocate a Living Laboratory approach emphasizes research and experimentation in complex real world settings addressing business or societal innovation. Typically multi stakeholders and researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds are involved.