Gamified Work

Gamified work points to a trend of using attributes of games such as fun, playfulness and passion, and apply them to work settings. Gamified work practices mitigate against disengagement in the workplace. According to a recent study of Gallup 51% of employees are disengaged and 17.5% are actively disengaged.

Gamification affords new forms of training and learning that can complement or substitute  some of the traditional approaches. The benefits of gamification are also related to improving work collaborations and relations.

Our Centre is committed to exploring and developing gamified work practices and trainings. One line of our activities is utilizing the “Lego Serious Play” method for offering trainings and tailoring novel learning and knowledge management approaches.

One of our most recent projects concerns the development and application of a new approach for requirement gathering using Lego. This approach enables richer and more democratic forms of participation that lead to increased creativity and insights compared to the ones of traditional approaches.